Product Info

Product Info

So you’ve heard the hype and seen the pictures but you’re asking yourself “what actually is Limbag?”.

Each Limbag product contains 2 elasticated plastic bags and an elasticated strap that have been designed in conjunction with medical professionals to help people protect their limbs from water exposure. Water exposure can cause a range of problems with a post-op infection being most common. But don’t think because you haven’t had an operation that this product isn’t for you. Any wound or condition requiring a dressing, casts and even tattoos can all be helped with the aid of Limbag.

Here’s just a few of the ways Limbag can help you:


So you’ve broken a limb and you’re stuck in a cast. Now even the simplest task of having a shower has been made harder. Never fear though because with the aid of your Limbag, you simply slide on the bag, tighten the strap and you are good to go.


Wounds of all types can be stubborn to heal and can be even more complicated when they become wet and even worse, constantly damp. The Limbag can aid you by keeping that wound free of excessive moisture and in turn, help the healing process.


Advice can vary on whether you can get your new tattoo wet in the first couple of days. If you decide to keep your new tattoo dry in the first couple of days, the Limbag is ideal. It’s large size gives either your arm and leg plenty of room without the discomfort of rubbing whilst offering you the protection from water whilst still having a shower.


Whilst they aren’t the most stylish footwear going around, the moonboot can help the healing process. If you need to keep your moonboot dry and you are caught in the rain, what are you going to do? Keep a Limbag handy at all times and a shower of any kind will no longer be a problem for you

Dressings & Bandages

Even a strain, sprain or just general ouchie can be a downer. Perhaps you are worried about swelling and want to leave your bandage on for a while but want to have a shower. Limbag can help you out. Leave that bandage on slide the Limbag over the top and with a quick tightening of the strap, you can maintain your cleanliness and keep that dressing or bandage on.

What we would suggest however that whatever your ailment, consultation with a medical professional is a must. We’ve all heard wive’s tales about the best and worst things to do with every medical condition but in the interests of getting you back to your normal self, a quick check with a medical professional should provide you with the best course of action.